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Innovative development in safety glass for both architectural and automotive glass.
Innoshield, a special polymeric resin, provides the protection. It reacts chemically with the glass at a molecular level to modify its surface properties. Innoshield follows the contours of the glass and is less than a micron thick. It is also important to note that Innoshield will not bond to any surface other than vitreous. It washes off other surfaces with normal cleaning methods, such as soap and warm water.

Unprotected, high-maintenance glass is now converted into Innoshield ‘Non-stick’ glass. The surface of Innoshield glass is totally inert when cured. The Innoshield surface therefore acts as a barrier against the bonding of contaminants, and is more resistant than ordinary glass against the attack of moisture and alkalinity. The result is greater ease of cleaning and a durable resistance to staining. Innoshield glass also effectively resist microbial adhesion for a higher hygiene.

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