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Innovative development in safety glass for both architectural and automotive glass.
Double glazing unit also known as Insulated glass unit, and it is consist of 2 or more panes of glass, isolated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed with sealant. The main function of a double glazing is to improve the building occupant’s comfort and reduced heating and cooling costs by reducing the flow of heat from the outside to the inside, or vice-versa – depending on the climate. The insulation value (U-value) is dependent on the configuration this includes the glass type, glass thickness and spacer width. Double glazing unit incorporating solar control products such as Low-E, Solar Low-E and reflective glass significantly reduce solar heat gain, glare control, reduced air conditioning costs, improved noise reduction, and increased security. It is widely use in application like curtain wall, windows, industries products like freezer and cooler.

When air with excess water vapour come into contact with a colder surface, condensation will form on this surface. The temperature at which condensation occurs is known as the ‘dew point’. Condensation can develop on the hot air side of windows when the colder side temperature is significantly lower. Double glazing unit is recommended to provide a thermal barrier between the inside and the outside, thereby minimising the occurrence of condensation.


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