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Innovative development in safety glass for both architectural and automotive glass.

What is Innoshield Plus?

Innoshield Plus is a Eco-friendly Ceramic Coating. It main composition are and 100% Inorganic and contain organic substances. It can be apply on glass, aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal, copper and most metallic surfaces. It do not produces VOC gases, so contribute a better living space and society.

Mechanism of Innoshield Plus

Easy Cleaning
Inorganic coating has better resistance to adhere dust or stain. Our environment contain abundance of organic substance. Once the surface of the coating are adhere with organic stain, we can use water without any detergent to clean or wipe of easily. Innoshield will be hydrophilic and form a water membrane and penetrate underneath of the organic stain and lift it off, like a peeling effect. Then we can use running water or a damp cloth to clean it.

Reliable and Durable Coating
Since Innoshield Plus is an inorganic coating, thus it has excellent resistance properties against acid/alkaline and organic solvent. Innoshield Plus have a highly scratch resistance of 9H, where normally organic paint has only 1H. It also have excellent weathering properties, the colour fading issue under UV radiation will be minimise. Innoshield Plus can also withstand a temperature up to 600°C, so it can be apply for some area where heat is a major problem. It also antimicrobial and anti-fungus, so it can be apply on outdoor where fungus might affect the appearance or some pharmaceutical application.

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