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Innovative development in safety glass for both architectural and automotive glass.
Curve Safety Glass can be in both tempered glass and laminated glass. Where the curve tempering process involves heating, then curving the glass to the required shape before finally toughening. By using movable rollers to form the curve shape in the quenching process, the need for expensive press moulds has been eliminated. This technology with a sophisticate computer system allows each shape to be precisely moulded to customer specifications providing cost effective building solutions. But curve tempered glass can only be curve in one place and with a constant radius.

On the other hand, curve laminated glass required a set of stainless steel mould for each size and shape. The glass is put onto the mould and involves heating, then the glass will be softening and sag onto the mould by gravitational force and then it will send for lamination. Curve laminated glass offer less distortion compare to the curve tempered glass, and it can be form in multi directional and non-constant radius, like a 3D profiles where else curve tempered glass is restricted.

During the pass ten years curved glass has stimulated creativity, research, technical development and industrial specialization. Glass processors turn architects ideas into reality. Large curved glass surfaces are becoming an essential structural part of buildings, making close cooperation throughout the project essential. It would increase the aesthetic when a large curved glass instead of many segmented flat glass joining together to form a curvature.

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