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Bullet-resistant glass is a laminated glass with clad carbonate and has the ability features in providing bullet threat of 9mm handgun to NATO armor piercing rifle. Built with a minimum thickness to stop bullets and prevent shattering. This can protect a person impacting the glass on the protected side will not be lacerated by broken glass. It also has excellent residual vision after attack. We engineered the bullet-resistant glass to be lighter weight with using the polycarbonate, thus is suitable for armor vehicle.

Innoglass containment glasses is a laminated composite of symmetrical glass Clad polycarbonate or laminated polycarbonate, especially designed for protection against prolonged physical attack and lethal ballistic threats. Typical applications includes correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, government buildings, jewelry stores, retails storefront, and other environments where maximum security is demanded.

Innoglass Blast-resistant Glass is a laminated composite of all glass. A properly engineered protective laminated system is designed to the optimized the strength to retention in blasts.

According to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2343-1997

ClassificationType of WeaponCalibreAmmunitionRangeNumber of StrikesPanel thickness(mm)
G09mm Handgun9mm Parabelium8.0g FMJ3m314.55
G10.357 Magnum Handgun0.357 Magnum10.2g JSP3m318.15
G20.44 Magnum Handgun0.44 Magnum15.9g SWC3m326.76
R15.56 Rifle5.56mm x 45M193 3.6g10m330.15
R27.62 Rifle7.62mm x 51Nato Standard 9.3g10m338.35

Abbre : FMJ=Full Metal Jacket, JSP=Jacketed Soft Point, SWC=Semi Wadcutter