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Innosolar are semi-transparent solar module, Where a piece of Low-Iron tempered glass and a piece of tempered glass sandwiched the high-efficient solar cells in between using PVB, which can be used in power-generating daylight and sun shading purposes. It combining profitable, environmentally-friendly energy production with attractive design. Innosolar replaces conventional façade materials, and it pays for themselves and helps you in cost saving over the energy bills. It can be a customize products where designer can have variable light transmission and shading by varying the distance and the numbers of cells in a module. The transparent PVB made it a safety glass and also help in noise reduction and security.

Hardly any limits can be set on the application possibilities – from overheadglazing in external areas to the semi-transparent glass facade of a building. Processed further into solar electric insulation glass, there are innovativesolutions for thermal facades and glass roofs.